The Vanguard Blueprint

  • As a New York based, global real estate provider, we focus on delivering strategic commercial real estate solutions.

  • Defining the Requirement

    We begin discovery in order to gain insight into your company, concerns, past and recurring issues, and future workspace needs.

    Define Organizational Strategy & Operational Requirements
    Evaluate Existing Conditions
    Identify Goals, whether Expansion, Consolidation or Disposition
    Quantify Financial Objectives & Contingent Liabilities
    Select Project Team

  • Market Assessment

    In keeping with the Vanguard Values, transparency is a top priority. We empower with knowledge and data, through in-depth custom market reports, and constant communication with our clients and landlords.

    Market Analysis & Survey
    Evaluate Alternatives
    Costs & Project Timeline

  • Space Qualification

    VGR differentiates itself through going above and beyond, by acting on your behalf as an out-sourced real estate arm. We pride ourselves on our ability to help manage the real-estate decision making process, exploring every possible avenue to reduce your occupancy costs.

    Preliminary Space Programming
    Manage Negotiation Process
    Review Proposals & Perform Financial Analysis
    Tour Shortlist of Qualified Spaces

  • Selection

    We work hand-in-hand with our clients to identify a shortlist of space alternatives that fit your needs with efficiency and flexibility. We are committed to teamwork and transparent execution as we secure the ideal situation.

  • Negotiations

    Our approach is holistic: in addition to rent, we also take the time to examine peripheral expenses such as various taxes and electricity, and negotiate down wherever we can. We prepare a financial review for you with several options, and only when we've secured the most advantageous terms do we move the transaction forward.

    Final Negotiations
    Final Review & Analysis
    Select & Secure Lease

  • Final Steps

    If construction or a move is required, our transparent environment allows us to procure vendors as needed.

    Closing Transaction
    Project & Construction Management
    Move Preparation

  • Successfully closing a transaction is a required step in the ongoing facilitation of our responsibilities as a representative advisor.

    Our clients are our priority.